So far, I’ve resisted the mass exodus to Flickr, and other photosharing sites. I’ve been concerned about copyright issues, unauthorized use, etc. However, I seem to notice more and more folks putting their work out there, some for just the joy of sharing, some for the ease of sharing moments with far-flung family, and, from an article I read this morning, some for gaining critiques of their work.

Steve Simon penned a great piece talking about Flickr on the O’Reilly Digital Media blog, and it’s really got me thinking about Flickr. Let’s see…. There’s a ton of potential exposure, and there’s a ton of folks on there who’d be happy to poke holes or praise my work. Those are both pretty good reasons for me to thoughtfully put some pieces on Flickr.

Steve’s posting also mentions the back-and-forth envy ‘twixt amateur and pro photographers. He certainly sees it as a grass is greener point of view. For me though, the grass really is greener on the other side, and I have a strong, strong desire to put more of my energy, along with more of my income reliance, on my photographic work. One of the points of the article is that putting pieces out for others to view is a good step to improving the quality of the work.

After the amazing ride I’ve had this year with some of my pieces, I have to wholeheartedly agree. Three shows this year already, and more on the way…. and those are telling me I’m doing something right.

So, once I get it all ironed out, I’ll post something here, and you’ll probably notice more interesting stuff on the sidebar pointing to my Flickr experience. Enjoy!