New Digs

Friday night, Darla and I took part of our tax refund, and picked up a new MacMini for the Deauxmayne. Once again, I’m just blown away at how easy it is to set up these new Macs. Just awesome.

However, the migration wasn’t without its warts. I had a horrible problem Saturday with the mail server. Everytime I’d send mail, I’d kill the network. Well, everything pointed to an MTU problem, and that ended up being part of the problem, along with a bad network cable. Apparently the MacMini, while Gig-E enabled, couldn’t handle the 9k MTU I was trying to use. Once I changed it, all was well.

Today, I spent the day getting the blog working, and once the work was done, I was migrated completely to the new machine. Cool, huh? 🙂

So, enjoy the new server, and let me know if you see any dust lying about!