Letters from the Future

I just stumbled on a really thought-provoking website called FutureMe. Apparently, these guys have been getting press for a while, but since, by most accounts, I live under a rock, I’d never heard of them. Here’s the premise.

Basically, you write an e-mail to yourself (or someone else), to be delivered at some date in the future… a month, a year, a decade away. You can also mark your e-mail as public/anonymous, and it’ll be out there for anyone to see. With over 400,000 e-mails captured, and approximately 15% of them marked public/anonymous (per the site), there’s a lot to read.

So what would you say to yourself? Would you beg penance for a sin in the present? Perhaps a challenge from the past to encourage you to face something, or to continue chasing a dream? Maybe a future apology for something heinous in the present?

I gotta tell ya, I’m intrigued. And yeah, I’ll probably send me an e-mail for some future me to read. Seems only fair that I should badger myself for something later on….