Snow Day!

Seven inches of snow have kept me locked in the ol’ ranch today. In truth, it was probably ok enough by lunch to have made it out and about, but as I usually do, I erred on the side of caution, and elected to not play bumper cars with across the miles today.

I spent the biggest part of my time tonight sucking images into my Mac — both from Roaul’s slides, and from Elma’s flats. The scanners have been running hot tonight, and I’m making great progress. I’m down to a couple of hundred scans left for Elma, and probably only a 1000 or 1500 left in Roaul’s stacks. I’d guess an ETA for Elma’s stuff being complete is tomorrow, with Roaul’s taking another week or two. Slides take some time, even with only taking two passes at each image. The good news is that I can batch them up, four at a time, and walk away for five minutes or so. Nice, nice.

Tomorrow, I begin working on getting the great office swap started. There’s soooooo much to move between the two offices! And frankly, Beck’s handyman comes next week, so my old office has to be empty, meaning that there will be stuff strewn all about the place until he finishes toward the end of the week. I can’t wait to get this work finished, as it seems like it has been months — and it has, in one way or another — since the den and offices were firing in a normal fashion.

BTW, stay tuned for some cool news from photography-land…. Details soon I hope.