Another Cool Camera

So I was reading through some stuff in Newsfire, and found a blurb about a new Casio Exlim camera. You can see all the details here.

So what’s so special about a point and shoot. Well: 6Mp (not bad), RAW, 12x optical zoom (great), 60fps.

Waitaminute… SIXTY fps?

Yup, 60fps. And it’ll shoot HD movies from 300-1200fps at full widescreen HD resolutions. Wow is all I can say. Of course, this beauty comes with a hefty price tag just shy of a grand, but the capabilities are amazing for this little camera. Certainly, the performance for the money is well in line with other high-end cameras like this one.

The website sports a bunch of details about the little beastie, along with sample HD movies and loads of specs. The HD movies are fun to see, as is the explanation of the 60fps shooting system, and how it can capture an image before you press the button (and no, it’s not telepathy).

As I was telling Beck this morning, if I was to get another camera brand in the house, this camera might be the one to do it. I don’t believe it’s quite out yet, but once they are out, you can bet I’ll find one in town to take a look at!