Off the Clock

Off the Clock
Off the Clock

Myself and four other photographers will begin an exhibit in a couple of weeks. We’ve titled it Off the Clock, and it will premiere at The Old Orchard Gallery in Webster Groves MO on October 11th. We’ll be hosting a reception on October 17th from 6pm to 9pm.

If you get the chance, c’mon by and see what the five of us have been up to… off the clock!

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  1. Hahaha, I helped with that! Yay! Lol, I was browsing this site the other day in ANP and Mrs. Larson (who is also the photography teacher) came by and said “Ohh, what is that?” and I was like, “Oh this is my dad’s site. He is really into photography.” And she said, “Oh you are so lucky to have a PROFESSIONAL in the family.” Haha. She said you are a pro. XD You will always be the best to me.


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