Project 365: Cupcakes

For my birthday, Becky brought cupcakes to my cube. The chocolate cake ones were Star Trek themed, while the white cake ones sported Disney princess stuff.

My daughter has a theory about the Disney princesses. Some are princesses; some ain’t. Of the six portrayed on my cupcakes…

  • Snow White – Not a princess. Might’ve married into it, but the film doesn’t say for sure.
  • Sleeping Beauty – Princess. Daughter of a King and/or Queen, and could ascend to the throne.
  • Cinderella – Not a princess. Married into it.
  • Ariel – Princess, kinda. Daughter of Poseidon. If he’s king of the ocean, then she’s a princess, although her latitude to ascend to the throne puts her status in question. Could you have a queen of the ocean?
  • Jasmine – Not a princess. Daughter of a sultan, not a king, but likely couldn’t ascend to the throne in that culture due to her gender.
  • Belle – Not a princess. Married into it.

My daughter’s pretty strict about that sorta thing! 🙂