Project 365 : Pendulum Scrawl

I’m a bit of a lens hound. I love getting new glass, and it seems like I’m always on the watch for a bargain. Tonight, I was able to add a horse to the stable. I found a used Canon 100/2.8 macro lens for about 2/3rds of the retail price that I couldn’t resist pouncing on. I have the MP-E 65/2.8, but it is just a little unwieldy for regular macro work, and of course, cannot be used as a “normal” lens, being an incredibly nearsighted lens.

So I took the new lens, fired up the pendulum, adjusted to touch the sand, and played with some flash shots of the pendulum doing its job. I’m finding that this lens is nice and sharp, and seems to be taking great photos. I can’t wait to get it out into real world, with real sunshine, chasing after some targets outdoors.