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Project 365 : Nature’s Fireworks

The family piled up into the Big Green Jeep, and took off for Shaw Nature Reserve today. This is the fourth trip I’d made there in the last few weeks, and I’m thoroughly enjoying watching spring spring forth from the ground.

Among all the new growth, I found this dandelion, and couldn’t resist photographing it. To me, the structure and detail of this little weeds are beautiful. There is so much going on in those little balls of fluff, and so much to see… as long as they’re not in my yard. 🙂

Project 365 : Eye of Minolta

Once again, I’ve missed a few days on my Project 365. Tonight, I return to a favorite subject — my father-in-law’s old Minolta film camera. This camera is a treasure trove of fun images. Tonight, I elected to focus on a simple front-on image of the lens. I love the gearing and the mechanical feel of this camera’s appearance.

I captured this image with my Canon 7D and Canon 100/2.8 macro lens, finishing it in Lightroom through some localized adjustments.

Project 365 : What Tangled Web We Weave

Today, I spent the day working in the room we affectionately call The Dungeon. This has been a storage area and general junk collection point for the house. With me shooting more macro work though, I started realizing that I needed a little studio for in-house work. A lot of cleaning up later, and a little bit of reconfiguration, and I have the beginnings of a little studio.

As I cleaned up, I found an old picture frame that had a really cool spiderweb in one of the valleys of the wood. I thought it would made a great HDR shot, so I set it up, and starting firing. This image is made up of seven shots, from three stops under to three stops over the middle of the road. I made the images with my Canon 7D and Canon 100/2.8 macro lens. I brought the RAW images into Photomatix and combined them to make the image you see.

Project 365 : Crop Circles

Despite the beautiful weather today, I found myself once again playing with my macro lens. The subject today was a circuit board extracted from an old XM Radio receiver. Specifically, this is the area on the circuit board where the little rubber buttons contact it to signal user selections. To me, this looked like a crop circle dropped in a field of green.

This image was made with my Canon 7D and Canon MP-E 65mm 1x-5x macro lens. I worked over the image in Photoshop CS4E, using the Bleach Bypass filter in Nik Color Efex Pro, with a touch of Nik Viveza thrown in for good measure. Realizing I forgot to whiten the whites, I bleached them in Lightroom using the Adjustment Brush.

Project 365 : Tar Pit

After a change of plans left my evening free, I decided to return once again to my goldmine VCR, and pan for gold. What I instead found was a corral of open-air coils that, with the right lighting, looked to be mired in a tar pit.

Once again, my Canon 7D and Canon MP-E 65mm/2.8 were used for this image. No post-processing though — these coils were drowning without any help!

Project 365 : Copper Spindle

After missing a couple of days on my Project 365, I got back to it tonight. Having shredded a VCR a few weeks ago, I stored off a bunch of mechanical parts and circuit boards to photograph later — like tonight!

This is a macro image of a spindle that was part of the tape travel mechanism. I really like the patterns on the metal, and thought they deserved some focus tonight. This image was made with my Canon 7D and Canon MP-E 65mm/2.8 lens, and then processed with Photoshop CS4E and Nik Color Efex Pro.