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Project 365 : Maw of the Bottle

This is a simple shot. I started with a Coke bottle, about half-filled with Coke — you can see the color of the bottle throughout the image. Then I took my iPhone 4, placed the camera lens right on top of the mouth of the bottle, turned on the flash, and grabbed this image.??To me, it almost looks as though there’s an eye, staring back at me from the bottom of the bottle.

Project 365 : As the Circuit Board Wobbles

Tonight, I had a little fun. After discovering that my Logitech NuLOOQ puck is no longer supported by Logitech (Boo!), I decided it might make a fun little thing to deconstruct. Within the puck, there’s a cool little circular circuit board that, when inverted, rides atop three springs.

This is where the fun comes in.

When the base is held, the circuit board can be twisted, released, and makes for a great bit of circular action that is pretty cool looking on a long-ish exposure.

Project 365 : Self-Portrait in Pondscum

Casey, Rick and I wandered around Shaw Nature Reserve again this weekend. Along the way, I found this great pond with the most brilliant green scum atop it. While photographing something on the other end of the pond, I noticed that my shadow was creating a great-opportunity for a unique self-portrait in the early morning sun. A click later, I’d captured my shadow atop the green pondscum.