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Project 365 : As the Circuit Board Wobbles

Tonight, I had a little fun. After discovering that my Logitech NuLOOQ puck is no longer supported by Logitech (Boo!), I decided it might make a fun little thing to deconstruct. Within the puck, there’s a cool little circular circuit board that, when inverted, rides atop three springs.

This is where the fun comes in.

When the base is held, the circuit board can be twisted, released, and makes for a great bit of circular action that is pretty cool looking on a long-ish exposure.

Project 365 : Night at the Drive-In

After a couple of days off The Project, it was time to get a little creative. I’ve been disassembling more electronics, and one of my latest conquests has been an XM Radio. The big screen on the thing intrigued me, and I thought it would be cool to transform it into the big screen of a drive-in theatre. I found a bunch of small toy cars, and arranged them as though they were viewing the picture. But what to put on the screen? I had no way to drive it electrically, so I decided to “scribble” on it with a laser pointer. I’ve got no idea what those little guys are watching on the screen, but it sure seems like gibberish!

I made this image with my Canon 7D and Canon 24-105/4L lens. I worked the image Photoshop CS4E, using Nik Viveza and Nik Color Efex Pro’s Color Process filter.

Project 365 : Crop Circles

Despite the beautiful weather today, I found myself once again playing with my macro lens. The subject today was a circuit board extracted from an old XM Radio receiver. Specifically, this is the area on the circuit board where the little rubber buttons contact it to signal user selections. To me, this looked like a crop circle dropped in a field of green.

This image was made with my Canon 7D and Canon MP-E 65mm 1x-5x macro lens. I worked over the image in Photoshop CS4E, using the Bleach Bypass filter in Nik Color Efex Pro, with a touch of Nik Viveza thrown in for good measure. Realizing I forgot to whiten the whites, I bleached them in Lightroom using the Adjustment Brush.

Project 365 : Tar Pit

After a change of plans left my evening free, I decided to return once again to my goldmine VCR, and pan for gold. What I instead found was a corral of open-air coils that, with the right lighting, looked to be mired in a tar pit.

Once again, my Canon 7D and Canon MP-E 65mm/2.8 were used for this image. No post-processing though — these coils were drowning without any help!

Project 365 : Screw Here

With the rain in place, and a VCR to take apart, I started hacking away, with a thought of starting a week or so of macro shots of itty bitty electronics. Tonight’s image comes from the “Really?” category from Captain Obvious. 🙂

This image was captured with my Canon 7D, Canon 100/2.8 macro lens and Canon 580EX II, and whipped into shape in Photoshop CS4E, Nik Viveza and Nik Color Efex Pro.