Project 365 : What Tangled Web We Weave

Today, I spent the day working in the room we affectionately call The Dungeon. This has been a storage area and general junk collection point for the house. With me shooting more macro work though, I started realizing that I needed a little studio for in-house work. A lot of cleaning up later, and a little bit of reconfiguration, and I have the beginnings of a little studio.

As I cleaned up, I found an old picture frame that had a really cool spiderweb in one of the valleys of the wood. I thought it would made a great HDR shot, so I set it up, and starting firing. This image is made up of seven shots, from three stops under to three stops over the middle of the road. I made the images with my Canon 7D and Canon 100/2.8 macro lens. I brought the RAW images into Photomatix and combined them to make the image you see.