Farewell, Old Friend

This morning, I got a call from one of the Berner folks that one of my favorite dogs, Too-Morrow, had left us quietly in his sleep overnight.

Too was a really cool dog, and a gentle giant. He seemed to like everyone, but when I’d show up, he’d light up like I’d hung the Moon. He was massive, and when asked, would stand on his hind legs, put those big forepaws on my shoulders, and let me snuggle up. Those were great hugs. Because of the way To behaved around me, Sio always contended that Too had a “man crush” on me. Maybe so.

Over the years — we’ve known Too for as long as we’ve had Molly — we were fortunate enough to have Too over for some sleepover time. I also had all kinds of opportunities to photograph him just chilling out, as well as performing on the agility field. The photo to the left is my favorite image of him though.

Becky got to see him just ten days ago, and he seemed like his normal self. We got a call yesterday, though, that he’d been diagnosed with prostate problems, and in examining that, a nodule had been found in his chest. Kris (Too’s owner) was advised to take him home, and keep him comfortable. Of course, Kris was and is devastated, and rightfully so. This was so very sudden and unexpected.

Farewell, old friend. See ya on the Rainbow Bridge someday.