Race #74 – I Ain’t Afraid 5K

Saturday was a tough run day.  Remember?  I was totally unmotivated, but got out there anyway.  That’s what you do.

Today was a beautiful day for a run!  57° when I started, and all the sun a fella could ask for.  And, I knew I had to get this in today.  Two weeks off just killed me, and I had to get some footfalls-upon-pavement to get back in stride.  It is, after all, only FOUR WEEKS until my first half marathon at the Route 66 in Tulsa.

And I ran.  And I walked.  Probably more walking than I’m accustomed to lately, but that’s just getting my dang gray matter into the game again.  What’s cool is that I had some long stretches of hoofing it at a decent pace — my first kilometer was under 9min, which is just peachy with me.  That’s not a sustainable pace for me, shy of a major downhill with some serious tailwinds, but it was nice to show my brain that it wasn’t the boss of my run.

The new shoes are working wonderfully, btw.  These Hoka One One’s just rock.  I simply cannot get over how much better they feel than my Nike’s.  I’ll definitely be pounding the drum over these for a while.

At the end of the run, I was sub-50, which last year would’ve been cause for celebration.  Now, it’s kinda average for me, a little above, a little below.  And that’ll mean I’m shooting for something a little faster next year.  How about 45min???

This race benefitted the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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