Race #75 – Scary Chocolate Run 5K

Yesterday was such a beautiful day for a run.  At lunchtime, it was
in the low 50s, and the sun was shining brightly.  Perfect!

I’d really just set out to run at a medium pace, and get some miles in.  My big weekend in Tulsa is just a few weeks off, and I knew more short runs would help me be ready.  I had no idea what kind of run I was about to encounter.

I got to the Greenway, stretched out, and ran up to the trail.  Somehow, things just felt right.  I breezed through the first kilometer,  and got to the little plateau pretty quick.  When the beginning of the downhill slope on the backside of the big hill came, I really opened it up toward Highway 109.  It felt like I’d found a gear I’d never found before.

And that’s the way the whole run went.  I kept looking at my time, kicking hard, and was beginning to realize something special was going on.  If I really pushed hard, it looked like I could finish under 45 minutes, which would be a first.  For the last half kilometer, I ran like I was trying to beat the clock, and I did!

To put this in perspective, I had a 45:33 at the Mo’ Cowbell 5K, which was a really flat course, and a PR for me, beating a time from the Greenway from a couple of years ago.  This time, I finished 5K in 44:43, on that same hilly Greenway course.  That’s a PR, kids, and my second one in the 5K this month.

October is apparently my month to run!

This race benefitted the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.

Race Course