Race #99 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Bonus Track 5K

5km VirtI picked a wet, wet day for my first post-Christmas outing.

Yesterday, we had somewhere between four and six inches of rain, and today, we’re adding another two inches of wet stuff.  Great weather if you’re a duck.

I wanted to get out yesterday, as it was gonna be a bunch warmer than today, but unfortunately, yesterday rains brought lightning with them.  I love running in the rain, but I draw the line at running in the electricity.

I’d been planning to check out the east end of the Greenway, and see how it connected to my driveway.  Today was the day to pull that off, with a slow walk to check it out.

I took off from the house, and journeyed down the uneven sidewalks.  As it ends up, with all the rain, there were plenty of opportunities to fjord water hazards of some length.  My tootsies got pretty wet as I continued.

The eastern trail end was about 1.5km from the house, and was a lovely new piece of paving.  I wended up and down the little hills to my turnaround point, and pointed it back toward the house.

With this walk today, I’ve pretty well covered the whole Greenway (across several events), and have enough mileage data now to build great courses leveraging the Greenway for whatever distance I need.


Race Course