Running Through 2015

If you’ve been reading my ramblings this year, you’ve probably picked up that I’ve taken to this running thing pretty heavily in 2015.

As a kid, I couldn’t run a bath, so when I ran my first race three months after I was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2012, it was a pretty unlikely outcome.  But run I did, and that first year, I ran two races, and completed Fleet Feet’s No Boundaries program.

The next year, I ran six races, and in 2014, I ran thirteen races, feeling like the top of the world.  I wanted to average one race a month, and I hit that goal.  Woot!

When 2015 began, I set out to do six races in six weeks to kick off the year, and pulled that off.  The year took off after that.  This year, I’ve run 78 races, smashing any kind of expectation I had.

So, how’d the year break down?


2 – one mile fun runs
69 – 5K races
1 – 5 mile race
1 – 10K race
1 – 15K race
1 – half marathon
3 – cumulative races


9 – destination races
18 – local races
51 – virtual races


  • 6 – PRs set:  5K (twice!), 10K (twice!), 15K and half marathon
  • 28 – coldest race temperature
  • 41 – Lowest bib number
  • 88 – highest race temperature
  • 408 – total miles run
  • 1822 – Longest road trip for a race (Philadelphia PA)
  • 6016 – Total miles driven for destination races
  • 54114 – Highest bib number
  • Firsts – first 10K, 15K and half marathon

2016 begins tomorrow, and I’ve already started building a pretty busy race calendar!

I have to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all the folks that inspire me, and particularly to Darla and my Mom, who have been behind me, for every race.