Race #101 – Eight Krazy Kilometers 8K

8kmI’d been putting off this race since Christmas.  The longer distance had me a little funked up, I think, and that funkiness helped me rationalize this race to the back of the upcoming race medal drawer.

It’s finally warmed up here, and I knew today would be a great day for a run.  I geared up, and headed to the Greenway.  I wanted to use my regular 5K course, add a little distance in the middle (up to the photo studio on Pond), and then add whatever distance I needed to fill out eight kilometers.  Easy plan.

I set out, anticipating that I’d be walking some of this distance as I got beyond five kilometers, as I usually do with longer distances.  I did put it in a slower gear between three and three-and-a-half kilometers, and somewhere along the way, I found a great second wind.  I ran the rest of the course — about four and a half kilometers.

I don’t know what clicked, but it felt awesome.  I know I could’ve run a much farther distance!  The only way to describe it is to say that each step felt easy.  It wasn’t effortless, but the effort came easy… probably the coolest run I’ve every had.

So, I put another five miles in the books today, which is probably good.  The next two days are a little bit of a dope slap of reality.  Tomorrow, I prep for my next colonoscopy on Monday.

I always get the jitters when it’s time to scope my semi-colon.  I have no symptom to be concerned about, but it’s a reminder of the fight I had with colon cancer four years ago, and of course, you do the scope to ensure everything’s still okay.

It’ll be radio silence for a couple of days, and no racing until at least Tuesday.  Enjoy the break!  🙂

Race Course

2 thoughts on “Race #101 – Eight Krazy Kilometers 8K”

  1. I’m not certain, but I think the ease in the course you experienced is called “hitting the wall”…as I understand that phrase if happens when you have reached the peek of endurance and suddenly have more than a second wind…have you heard this expression?

  2. I have! My understanding of that was that you’d done everything you could do, and were completely out of steam. I think this is part of the Runner’s High that I’ve heard about. Regardless of what it’s called, it was awesome, and I can’t wait to get to that point again!

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