Colin – 4, Colon Cancer – 0

Lately, much of my writing has been focused on running.  And more running.  And the occasional technology write-up.  (I need to do more of those!)

Today, the real world encroached on my fun world, and I had my scheduled colonoscopy on my fourth anniversary of a colon cancer diagnosis.

I know folks don’t wanna talk about this kind of cancer.  I mean, it’s icky.  And pretty invisible — outta sight, outta mind.  And the process for finding it is really icky.  But this cancer can be preventable.  Do the colonoscopies, and you’ve got the best chance to find and beat this awful thing.

Today’s results were great.  Nothing of any concern found, and with that news, I am now on a regular schedule for every five years.  Best birthday present ever!

If you want to join me in the fight against colorectal cancer (CRC), I’ll be running in the Undy Run/Walk 5K in St. Louis on March 19th.  Please, join me if you’re inclined toward running or walking.  You can also donate to my fundraising for the race on my Undy page.

Regardless of whether you join me in my race, pay attention to what’s happening with you.  If you have a symptom, say something to someone.  If you need to get your colonoscopy, do it.  Yeah, it’s icky, it really is.  But it could just save your life.  It saved mine.


2 thoughts on “Colin – 4, Colon Cancer – 0”

  1. Colin

    Congratulations!! You kicked Cancer in the BUTT…

    Good luck with the race and I hope you have a costume to run in. I was thinking maybe a cruise theme.. you could make cruise ship undies….

    Looking forward to seeing photos~ Run Colin Run!

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