#119 – Magnum Pi 5K

5km VirtYesterday was Pi Day.  And to a running geek, that means you need to put 3.14 miles in the log.  This was also a chance to put my new kicks on the road.  By the time I’d finished, I’d put 3.16mi in the log — a slice of Pi, plus a few crumbs.

Once again, I visited the Wildwood Greenway.  It’s a great place for me to try new things, as I know the course, and what to expect from it.  And frankly, if I get into trouble, it parallels Highway 100, and I know I can get help quickly.

Yesterday was glorious!  The sun came out, and the temps rose through the 50’s and 60’s throughout the day, and made for a beautiful, albeit humid, race course.  They always tell you to dress for 20° warmer than the temps when you’re running.  That made it feel like the high 80’s, which is well above my wilting point.  🙂

I took it slow, given the new shoes and my not being accustomed to the heat.  I was really surprised at just how well the new shoes did.  No impact in the toe box on the right foot — which had been a growing problem with my Hoka’s — and just a little aggravation on the blister site on the bottom of my left foot.  I think that’s resolvable with a little padding until the site completely heals with new skin.  But on balance, the New Balance shoes really did well, and were plenty comfy on my run.

Once I’d decided to run yesterday, I had to find a Pi Day virtual race to sign up for.  Given the mathematical geekiness of the day, there were plenty to choose from.  Most of ’em are math-centric, or pie-centric.  I found this one, which was Magnum P.I.-centric, and knew I had to sign up for it.  Can’t wait for the medal to arrive!

This race benefitted the MIND Research Institute.

Race Course