#120 – Mad Love 5K

5km VirtI know that on St. Patrick’s Day, I shoulda been doing a shamrock/leprechaun/Irish themed race, but I had this one hanging around, and needed to get ‘er done.

For me, this was a warm day, and I knew I had the Undy coming up in a couple of days, so my goal was to just take it easy, and not do anything that would threaten my run on Saturday.  I was gonna just walk, and continue to break in my new kicks.

The Greenway was the Greenway — a constant place for me where I can go, try new things, compare notes from outing to outing.  It was crazy difficult not to run along the trail, but I’d committed to myself that this was gonna just be a walk.  And despite the animal in me (ha!) wanting to break into a run, I kept the beast at bay, and kept true to my plan for the day.

The new shoes are really doing very well.  I had no toe box issues on the right foot, and my blister on the bottom of the left foot is healing, and not agitated by these new shoes.  I’m very encouraged.  The one thing that might be worth nothing is my socks.  For this outing, I wore a pair of my thinner socks, and I’m beginning to wonder if those are a little too thin for me.  These are supposedly great socks for hot days, when wicking is important.  However, I think I get a little softening of the ride with slightly thicker socks.  I also think I like socks that have a little more climb up my calf.  Kinda sounds like I’m becoming a little bit of a sock snob, eh?

So, another event down, another medal on the rack (once it arrives next week!), and I didn’t injure myself.  I think I’d call that a success!!!

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