Well, I finally have my photos online. (They’re off to the right under the “Here” banner.) Now, when I add new photos, they will appear as if by magic. The collection will grow as time passes, but right now, it’s just the pictures since we got our Olympus C-700UZ in May — only about 3000 shots so far. Each shot is about 400k in length, and I’ll work on a better interface — perhaps with thumbnails — but at least they are available now.

We are off to Jamaica on Thursday, and I have bought enough film to shoot about 1400 shots, so we should record the trip well. Those shots should be online the Friday after Thanksgiving.

I badly need the R&R associated with this trip, and it will be nice to do absolutely nothing and watch the world go by. We’re off to an all-inclusive in Negril, and I intend to make them sorry everything is included! 🙂