New Gear: Keurig Ultimate B66

Like he sometimes does, Braddog has been leading us down some interesting paths, and this time, we followed the coffee-stained road.

Jay’s been telling us about single-serve coffee machines, one of which, a Keurig, he now owns. Now, I like coffee in the mornings, and I love my Cuisinart coffeemaker, but the Cuisinart is really designed for making more coffee than I need in the morning. This new beasty uses pre-measured little sealed cups of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, and honestly, it makes a pretty fair cuppa joe.

I haven’t gotten through very many of the sample k-cups (as the little pre-measured dealies are called), but so far, I’ve enjoyed the Green Mountain Extra Bold. It reminds my quite a bit of the Jamaican coffee I like so well. In fact, should I once again get some JamaBeans, Keurig makes a special little reusable cup so you can roll your own, using your favorite coffee or tea.

Leave it to us to gadgetize our coffee!!!!